Inquiries for Reservations do not guarantee date and time. Please follow up with the Manager on Duty at 816-468-6100 to confirm. On Fridays or Saturdays, the latest Reservation we can accept would be at 6pm. Limited Reservations available per day/date. Please contact us early as dates fill up quickly!

  • Accommodations available up to 100 guests.

  • Party Package Food options are currently not available.

  • Birthdays, Anniversaries, Retirement, Promotions, Corporate Events, Meetings – Whatever the reason to get together!



    SPECIAL EVENT RESERVATION POLICY – During Special Events (UFC, Key Sporting Games, Playoffs, Boxing, OR TBA), our seating is First Come, First Served Seating, No Seat Holding, Full Party must be present to be seated. No Reservations will be accepted for these Special Events after the cut off time. Please review our calendar of events or contact us at 816-468-6100.

    MINOR POLICY – Minors under the age of 21 must be accompanied by a parent, 21 years or older until 9:00 PM on non-event days. After 9:00 PM, only patrons who are 21 years or older are permitted. *SPECIAL EVENTS – Minors are NOT allowed during Special Events, only patrons who are 21 years and older. **Management reserves the right ask minors to leave the facility at any time for the well-being and safety of our guests. Best Practice – Well Monitored Minors rarely are a problem!